Allthings Launches First Property Management Chatbot Solution


The swiss-german proptech specialist Allthings has introduced the first chatbot-based feature on its platform and implemented it with a first customer.

Chatbots are functionalities based on artificial intelligence which, after a learning phase, can largely take over certain dialog-related tasks independently. Chatbots can, for example, carry out entire conversations regarding operational incidents in buildings with tenants.

Chatbots have great usage potential in real estate, especially in the realm of property management. Sebastian Tschan, CTO of Allthings, says: “Bot technologies enable the automation of standardised processes. A chat interface provides users with a familiar environment to communicate with the bot in a natural way. In doing so, inquiries can be processed in real-time and with constant availability.”

Allthings expects that approximately 80% of conversations between tenants and property managers in the residential environment and 60% of such conversations in the commercial environment can be standardised. In the coming years, these processes will be automated on a case-by-case basis by means of bots and comparable technologies. In the future, there is great potential to conduct property management in a fundamentally different manner on the basis of digital technologies.

This first implementation on the platform also already shows that the technology can be applied far beyond typical use cases in property management.  Allthings’ bot technology is being deployed as an electronic concierge for some luxury properties in the Zürich area, owned by one of the biggest European asset managers. It is therefore possible for tenants to order premium housing-related services, such as a cleaning service or holiday replacement. Alternatively, users can also communicate their needs to a troubleshooter.