Professional 2D visualization now available for tenants and new functions in our content management

Sep 25, 2019 10:54:48 AM NEU LANCIERT

Visimove is a professional tool to visualize building plans that we now make available to tenants in buildings equipped with this third-party micro-app provided by Movecons. With this tool it is possible to get true-to-scale floor plans and to accurately measure distances and areas within an apartment or office. The tool is implemented once in an automatic process by the property owner or manager and isavailable to all tenants. After the successful implementation of Archilogic’s 3D visualization micro-app this is already the second third-party micro-app for advanced, digital visualization of floor plans. These tools are often used by tenants for selecting furniture, discussion with craftsmen or to virtually show the apartment or office to friends, colleagues and family.

Since this week we have upgraded our content management system that the administrator uses to publish information and articles to tenants. Now it is possible to integrate rich text content (video, images, etc). Also, the content categories can now be customized to increase relevance for each property.

In the last days a few properties went online with ALLTHINGS.  The new headquarters of our first customer Losinger Marazzi has been equipped with the Twistapp to provide information and community functions to all employees. Since Losinger Marazzi is implementing Allthings in all of their new developments it is just natural to deploy Allthings at their own brand new headquarters.

Another office app will be launched next week. 60 commercial tenants with 3000 employees in total in the PostParc will be provided with an app, the Postparc App. Office buidings are an important segment where we experience growing demand by  commercial property owners and managers in Switzerland, Germany and France.