Recipe for a great team event

25. September 2019 11:05:56 MESZ

Take the following ingredients:

  • A great team
  • Some Segways
  • Great portions of Spätzle and ice cream
  • A pinch of spice

Okay, I admit that on this picture we look a bit like pensioners on their way to the local flower seed exhibition, but segwaying is actually a lot more fun than it looks like it is.

But this, of course, is the real us: passionate and fearless on unknown territory (in Freiburg).


Wonder why the pinch of spice in the ingredients? To heat up discussions. We had a very inspiring one about our team culture and how it is perceived and expressed by different employees and fields of activity.  I think that, at the end of the day, it’s the sum of those perceptions and expressions  – I was told yesterday that my flowery writing style is not always understood by developers, so I’m switching to equations here – that builds the Allthings core and what makes it so unique, dynamic and thriving.

Great afternoon, great team, great times ahead of us.
Many thanks to Cordula who organized our lovely team get-together!

Does anyone have suggestions for our next team events? We’re happy to be inspired by your experiences! There’s still the local flower seed exhibition, of course …