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New features, new user interface

We supported a lot of our customers over the past months to implement Allthings in their properties and portfolios and further developed our product. Last week we launched the new version of our user interface! Its content is structured in a clear and straightforward way and has become even easier to use. Additionally, we set up the platform in a way that we can add as many micro-apps to an app as desired. Micro-Apps are functions and services, which are developed by us, our customers and third-party providers and that are made available through a kind of micro-app store. Each micro-app has specific capabilities; customers can individually choose those that fit their real estate best.

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Two new features and: why loosing your key is not that bad with our new Kaba Micro-App!

As businesses cool down everywhere for the summer break, we at Allthings are busy introducing new features. Service center upgrade We have recently updated our service center with more advanced ticketing capabilities that manage tickets automatically depending on criteria such as ticket category and location. This is the first step towards a larger overhaul of our service center to be launched this coming fall. First tests with customers were quite promising – all interactions with tenants, service providers and colleagues will be managed in a much more efficient and user-friendly way. External service providers can be easily integrated in the process without giving full access to the platform.

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