Two new features and: why loosing your key is not that bad with our new Kaba Micro-App!


As businesses cool down everywhere for the summer break, we at Allthings are busy introducing new features.

Service center upgrade
We have recently updated our service center with more advanced ticketing capabilities that manage tickets automatically depending on criteria such as ticket category and location. This is the first step towards a larger overhaul of our service center to be launched this coming fall. First tests with customers were quite promising – all interactions with tenants, service providers and colleagues will be managed in a much more efficient and user-friendly way. External service providers can be easily integrated in the process without giving full access to the platform.

Pour tous les francophiles et francophones
We have introduced a French language version of the app raising the number of supported languages to four (EN, DE, NL, FR).

Kaba microapp to report and reorder keys – hassle-free
We have integrated another third-party micro-app for key and lock systems by Kaba, one of the largest security and access solution companies in the world. It is now possible to report lost keys and reorder new ones including price indication through our app with no hassle for the tenant. All the processes and interfaces are handled in the back-end, including a secure confirmation process by the property manager. In the unfortunate case of losing a key at least the reporting and reordering is not a nerve-wrecking process anymore.

Get ready for more features to be released during the summer, we are just getting started.