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Allthings and s:stebler enter into a strategic collaboration

Allthings and s:stebler enter into a strategic collaboration. The ETH spin-off's communication technology and the product portfolio of the s: stebler Group complement each other in a groundbreaking way.

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How digital tenant management platforms are shaping the future of real estate

Choosing a digital platform to manage a property portfolio and the tenants that live in those properties can feel like a daunting task. If a real estate company is doing well and is stable, isn’t facing any major competition and isn’t especially digitally inclined, then there can be a lot of inertia when it comes to implementing new digital technology.

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The digitization of the real estate industry – survival of the digitally fittest

A study of the Lucerne University reveals that real estate businesses that miss jumping on the bandwagon of digitization can be threatened in their existence.

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Q1/19 Update: Allthings releases new features for its premier tenant experience platform

From the beginning, our mission to create a better life in buildings came with a strong focus on providing a great tenant experience. The cornerstones that make a one-of-a-kind tenant experience are transparency, efficiency, open communication and direct connection to people, as well as access to value adding resources and offerings.

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‘Real Estate meets Innovation’ at EXPO REAL: New hall for companies with groundbreaking solutions

64,000 square meters, 2,095 exhibitors, 45,058 participants – EXPO REAL brings together decision-makers from the entire real estate value chain. New this year: NOVA3 – an entire hall for the most innovative companies, ideas and solutions in the sector.

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Three ways you can reduce costs in tenant management

People’s awareness of the relevance of the digitization has increased strongly in the real estate industry over the past two years. At the same time, there are many different digital solutions in various areas – from smart home services, to temporary rental platforms, to solutions for BIM and digital tenant apps. Proptech.de counted 289 PropTech companies in Germany alone in April 2019. This raises the question of where to look first and what really pays off?

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