A seamless experience for tenants and landlords: emonitor and Allthings

The list of smart tools designed to make life easier for property managers is now long. Particular benefits are created when such solutions can be smartly combined with each other. Seamlessly connecting a 360° property management tool in tandem with an ERP and tenant platform on Allthings' integration platform efficiently covers the entire occupant rental cycle while making data management much easier for property managers.

Seamless experience for tenants

From a tenant's perspective, the integration of the two platforms results in a seamless experience: a tenant who registers as a prospective tenant for a new-build apartment on a landing page, for example, is added to emonitor's system. After the start of marketing, he or she changes from an interested party to an applicant and then to a tenant. Thanks to the interface to Allthings, he benefits from a seamless process and also saves the creation of an additional user profile.

For landlords and property managers, data management is significantly faster and more efficient thanks to the new interface and the integration of the two platforms. The migration of tenants from one platform to the other is no longer necessary. This saves employees time-consuming administrative work.

Added value for all parties involved

Daniel Baur, Founder & CEO of emonitor: "The cooperation with Allthings is a logical consequence of joint projects, such as the Claraturm. By networking, we make life a little easier for the managers. Our goal is to create more space and time for the essentials, the employees. This cooperation brings us one step closer to this goal."

Eric Aplyn, CEO of Allthings, affirms, "In a modern, API-based software world, connecting platforms is a no-brainer. Customers should be able to choose the building blocks that best meet their needs. The integration with emonitor is in a series of connections all along the value chain at Allthings. This shows how comprehensive the benefits for tenants, managers and owners become from combining specialists on a modular integration platform in an open ecosystem. "

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Daniel Baur
Gründer & CEO
monitor AG
Kesslerstrasse 5
CH-9000 St. Gallen
Eric Aplyn
Allthings Technologies AG
Lange Gasse 8
CH – 4052 Basel
daniel.baur@emonitor.ch eric.aplyn@allthings.me

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