[CASE STUDY] Living as a Service. New way of living for a generation of young working adults


The Allthings digital tenant management platform is helping Change= to realize its vision of a brandnew property utilization concept, with a focus on value added services to build communities and transform the tenant experience.

MicroLiving services including leisure, support, relaxation and much more are all enabled by an innovative suite of apps for tenants that allow them to get the most from life.

Change= has a vision for an entirely new way of modern urban living, a first-class and affordable living environment full of inspiration, support and incentive. Each residential complex comprises independent living units with their own facilities, and Change= adds a whole range of additional services so that residents can live the life that they want.

Using the Allthings digital tenant management platform, Change= will be able to manage every single service that it provides for its tenants. The community can be monetized more effectively than ever but in a way that feels unobtrusive and adds great value to the individual tenants in it.


Change= currently has two locations with 1,100 apartments but has ambitions for a much larger-scale project, building up to 10,000 apartments across several new locations. All the tenants at both the current and future developments will benefit from a broad selection of microservices offered by Change= and the entire set-up serves as a blueprint for modern urban living.

The tenants themselves have one single access point to manage anything they need or wish to regarding their home.That includes terminating a contract, logging a fault or booking a new service, all contributing to the enjoyment of a superior and modern tenant experience.


It’s a hugely different rental market in 2019 than it was even just a few years ago. Consumers – especially younger adults – are now used to managing almost every facet of their lives via an customised app and they increasingly want to do so when renting a property. They also want to access a range of additional services in the same way that they do when using apps in other industries and they expect a more customized experience when managing their property.

This is the modern expectation and it requires a platform such as Allthings digital tenant management to deliver it.



Change= is aiming to meet a demand for a new way of living in modern urbanizations in The Netherlands. The ultimate goal is to build 10,000 apartments in approximately 20 buildings, providing young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 with the opportunity to live in affordable housing and to become part of a wider community.

It’s a new model for how consumers manage their lives in 2019 and beyond, and is based on the provision of a wide range of additional services by Change=. These high value services include gyms, personal training, access to meeting rooms, a selection of restaurants, doctors, dentists, car sharing and much more besides. Tenants access these services via their app and the whole experience is transformed into something highly rewarding and fulfilling.

The community isn’t just restricted to current tenants either. Former tenants who enjoyed the services can pay a small fee to retain access to them, and even non-tenants can register as a member to make use of the gyms, restaurants or other services. Membership is a relatively small cost and provides so much value for people to be part of such a vibrant and engaged community.



The first Change= communities comprise 1,100 units within two different buildings, and tenants are already able to benefit from a vast selection of services. All the core functionality around renting a property can be found within the app – communication with the owner / manager, service points for registering faults / repair requirements – and additional services such as gym access is already available.

Change= has plans to roll-out a whole host of additional services over the coming months, ranging from social gatherings for tenants, to courses, medical appointments, restaurants / food delivery and much more. All services are intended to increase the sense of community in Change= developments, delivering a first-class and modern tenant experience and allowing Change= to monetize its investment.







Work – Change= will help tenants with their employment, offering services that help residents achieve their career goals, such as coaching and education.

Learning – this is something that should never stop, and Change= will ensure its tenants have many opportunities to continue their learning. This includes support in areas such as tax and banking, but also orientation workshops to focus on broader new knowledge areas.

Life – life is for living and being part of a welcoming community makes life much more engaging. Change= will provide tenants with an inspiring living environment, with like-minded people believing in positivity and togetherness.

Live – Change= understands the need for people to enjoy their own home and space and fulfills that need with a modern living environment that inspires independence but also fosters community.

Care – wellbeing has become ever more important in busy modern lives and Change= offers a suite of wellness services including personal care, nutrition, exercise and good medical and healthcare advice, ensuring tenant wellbeing is a realistic goal.

Safe – anyone’s home should be a heaven, a place where they feel safe and secure at all times. Change= is creating the best modern living environment for young adults, completely safe and a place of real happiness.

Allthings will be a central platform, synching all microservices and experiences into one ecosystem.


“The World around us is changing rapidly, emerging markets, platform driven companies and the transformation of total economies. All carried by technology. Allthings is aware of this. Change= is building the new standard of real estate property management platform. Our partner of choice is Allthings. Their knowledge, skills and business understanding stands out. Therefore Allthings is our exclusive business partner to achieve our goals.”

Ralph Mamadeus, CEO at Change=


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