Cooperative wohnen&mehr with Allthings in the Digital Top 10!

For the sixth time, pom+ honors the most innovative projects in the construction and real estate industry - and we are among them. The cooperative wohnen&mehr follows the Allthings vision of a fully digital operator and is developing around 530 new apartments, commercial space, retail space and recreational space on the 35,000 m² Westfeld site in Basel.

Efficient management of real estate

Occupancy is planned for spring 2023, and as early as 2021 the developer brought Allthings on board as a partner for the digital interconnection of the various systems. In this early phase, digital and smart technologies can be selected in a targeted manner right from the start and building technology components can be connected with each other in such a way that the management of the properties becomes as efficient as possible for owners and operators. With the largest ecosystem of digital solution partners on the market, Allthings creates the optimal conditions for making all relevant processes in operations efficient and digital. Such a networked solution provides a sustainable working environment for operators and makes communication and service delivery to future tenants easy.

Individually scalable digital operators

All core processes of applicant and tenant management and commercial as well as technical property management are thus mapped end-to-end and the various partners are seamlessly integrated. In detail, the approach included a systematic project analysis and the design of a customized digital software landscape, comprehensive support for tenders, a seamlessly networked ERP system with many smart building functions, and more. The integration of different digital subsystems for marketing and leasing, tenant selection, communication, billing of ancillary costs and other services is carried out smoothly and clearly on the integration platform of Allthings. Once properly designed on a greenfield site, a new kind of real estate service provider is created: a digital operator that can be multiplied to other buildings.

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