NEW: Allthings' free smart webform

Tenants contact property managers via all possible communication channels. In addition to email, telephone and - where available - a tenant app, contact forms on the website are especially popular. A free, time-saving and simple solution for quickly process tenant enquiries is the intelligent webform from Allthings. It replaces or extends the traditional contact form and and leads to much more precise messages from the tenant via a smart query. An early access version of the web form is now available to interested parties and customers.T

The goal is to record the tenants' inquiries in such a way that the complete processing of the case can be initiated and perfect service can be offered without any further inquiries. The intelligent web form guides tenants step by step through a series of image-based questions that are intelligently derived from the answers before them. All relevant tenant information including the best accessibility, e.g. for tradesmen, is collected. In addition, serial numbers, details on spare parts or photos are queried in the process where it makes sense. This ensures that incidents reported by tenants can be handled with far fewer queries and thus a much higher level of satisfaction among tenants, property managers and service providers. Finally, this also leads to significantly lower costs and a shorter processing time.


The cooperation with hundreds of property managers, over 1.000 service partners and the ongoing evaluation of all data points on the Allthings platform further ensures that the web form is constantly being improved. The intelligent web form is thus a further component of the Allthings platform with omnicompetent capability: Tenants can register on their preferred channel, and the Allthings platform ensures that all processes are brought together in the cockpit. The web form can be integrated effortlessly and without technical hurdles into any existing website of a property manager or operator. Direct communication with the platform ensures that all subsequent functions, including the integration of craftsmen or even a comprehensive craftsmen portal, can be used seamlessly without the tenant having to register. Thanks to this solution, tenant inquiries can be processed faster, easier and more convenient for all parties - without costs or additional effort.


The intelligent web form is available to selected customers and interested parties in an early access version on the Allthings platform free of charge and without time restrictions. Learn more here and order the web form today.




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