New product packages on the Allthings platform: from a Free version to customized Enterprise offerings

Allthings has structured its product range into four product packages that optimally meet the different needs of different customer groups - all in line with the principle: "an ideal solution for every budget". In addition, a 30-day free trial now allows customers to convince themselves of the advantages of the product.

Over the past few months, we have developed the platform into a hub for end-to-end tenant interaction, which bundles all tenant interactions independently of the channel and can handle them end-to-end. In this way, we are already achieving 100% coverage of all tenant interactions with individual customers.

Now we want to make these advantages in tenant management as transparent and simple as possible for our various customer groups and all interested parties. For this reason, Allthings is now offering four different product packages - from a "Free" version to a customized Enterprise solution.

All packages have in common that the focus is on improving tenant communication and providing appropriate services for the customer's needs. The packages build logically on each other, as is the case with other Software-as-a-Service companies. This means that a flexible upgrade to the next product package can be easily carried out at any time.

Especially interesting for newcomers is our "Free" version which includes a smart web form. This extension of a classic contact form allows a faster processing of tenant requests and leads to a much more precise and systematically structured presentation of your tenants' communications.

With an upgrade to the Essential, Professional or Enterprise package, the subscription can be expanded to include additional communication channels, one or more tenant apps, numerous integrations and additional third-party functions.

All product packages start with a 30-day trial to give interested parties the opportunity to see the benefits of the Allthings platform for themselves.

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