Opening up for Innovation: Launch of the Allthings Developer Platform


We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of our developer platform. An idea that is inherently tied to our mission of improving the life in buildings. From the beginning we aimed for Allthings to be the platform that combines a variety of smart real estate related services that are easily accessible to the users of buildings. On developers and third-party providers find all essential components and documentations to integrate their solutions into the Allthings platform.

During the last 12 months we’ve been working on new micro-applications with our partners, including building technology specialist eSmart, our client Bouygues, and software agency Swenden, among others. In parallel, we’ve built the developer platform to take it one step further: now every partner can incorporate their services to the Allthings platform independently. Comparable to Android and iOS, Allthings is becoming more and more an operating system for the digital world related to buildings: open, scalable and independent.

Openness as driver of innovation

Open platform development is where innovation in software happens. The community of software and solution providers for the real estate environment, PropTech and IoT is increasingly converging. Strategically the launch is an important building block for turning buildings into digital products by integrating a variety of services into one platform.

  • Our customers can integrate their own smart services into our platform. This applies particularly to specific functionalities that clients develop inhouse or receive from their partners.
  • Software partner or partner with their own vertically specialized solution can increase their reach by joining the Allthings platform.
  • We can focus on developing the best global platform – while at the same time multiplying our capacity for innovation by tapping into the creativity of the developer community.

And this is only the beginning. During the next months, we’re excited to further develop and expand the developer platform.

Interested in developing your own micro-app for the Allthings platform? Then go for it and head to, or contact our platform expert David Gundlach | david.gundlach(at)

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