Our Essential Package: Optimal extensions for every step of your development

Allthings Pakete Essential und Professional

Fair prices from from entry-level to larger property management companies: digital real estate management and modular tenant platforms offer fast and comprehensive facilitations for tenants and administrators alike. In order to be able to provide all companies with tailored support, our price packages are just as modular as our solutions. For example, our Allthings Essential package is the ideal way to get started, while the Allthings Professional package is the perfect solution for more established real estate companies. With each package, the Allthings product will grow with the needs of the customer and can be adapted flexibly.


Our Essential Package: Optimal extensions for every step of your development


The Essential package includes all the features of the Free Version (individual layout, language barrier-free tenant guidance, cockpit with ticketing), but also offers the possibility of conveniently processing all tenant concerns with the email-to-ticket functionality. This means that inquiries and damage reports can be received by email and automatically transferred to the ticketing system and processed there. An additional advantage is the integration of the craftsman portal JAROWA. In case of necessary repairs, the complete process - from the damage notification by the tenant, to the placing of orders with the craftspeople, to the sending out of invoices - is handled efficiently and digitally. By simply importing the master data to create an unlimited number of residential or tenant units, the administration of tenant management is further simplified. In addition, it is possible to use the customer support at any time and to book further options - according to the respective needs.


Allthings Professional: Added value for tenants and owners alike


The more rental units, the greater the potential - this is also true for the digitization of other functions. The Professional package therefore enables efficient communication with all tenants via app and the exchange of digital documents as well as the provision of general information via info articles. The tenant app optionally enables further community functions such as a digital pinboard, a marketplace and sharing area, or the "My Neighbors" function to get to know neighbors and exchange information within the community.


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